elementary OS Early Access Builds

You must sign in with an authorized GitHub account for access. Authorized accounts include OEMs, first-party contributors, $25+ AppCenter for Everyone backers, and $10/month and higher GitHub Sponsors.

The latest stable version of elementary OS can always be downloaded at elementary.io.

These are pre-release daily development builds of elementary OS. Current major known issues include, but are not limited to:

  • Installation failures while installing offline or with full-disk encryption
  • Curated apps are not available in AppCenter
  • Look & feel issues, including unfinished dark style support
  • General features and APIs are not finalized
  • It will not be possible to upgrade to the stable release

Please see the 6.0 Release GitHub Project for a full list of outstanding tasks and regressions.

These issues, and more, are expected to be resolved before a stable release of elementary OS 6. Until that time, do not use these images on a production system.

Please refrain from publishing reviews or other in-depth looks of early access builds. We're excited that you're excited, but formally presenting unfinished products can damage our reputation. If you'd like to share informally, we'd appreciate a focus on features rather than quality or performance, which will change before release.