elementary OS Builds

Get your hands on beta and Early Access builds of elementary OS. The latest stable version of elementary OS can always be downloaded at elementary.io.

Public Beta

These are pre-release development builds of elementary OS. Current major known issues include, but are not limited to:

  • Curated apps are not available in AppCenter
  • Look & feel issues, including unfinished dark style support
  • General features and APIs are not finalized
  • It will not be possible to upgrade to the stable release

Please see the 6.0 Release GitHub Project for a full list of outstanding tasks and regressions.

These issues, and more, are expected to be resolved before a stable release of elementary OS 6. Until that time, do not use these images on a production system.

Please refrain from publishing reviews or other in-depth looks of early builds. We're excited that you're excited, but formally presenting unfinished products can damage our reputation. If you'd like to share informally, we'd appreciate a focus on features rather than quality or performance, which will change before release.